Nolan is 2 months old and it’s so true what they say- the days are long but the years are short.  We’re about to celebrate my son’s 3rd birthday next month and my daughter is practically talking in full sentences now which is crazy!  I realize how much time is flying and I have to stop and make sure I take time to soak up his cuteness everyday because he’s changing before my eyes.  His latest little milestone is smiling when we make high pitched sounds and sing to him.  It melts my heart and I could stare at him all day. 

Taking care of Nolan has been so fun for all of us but there are a few key baby gadgets we’ve used for him day in and day out that have helped me run my household and care for two other little ones.

Newborn Baby Phase and Our Favorite Products
1. Baby Bjorn Sling Seat  /  2.  Baby Bjorn Carrier  /  3. Activity Bar  /  4.  Uppa Baby Vista Stroller  /  5. Baby Play Mat  /  6. Uppa Baby Piggyback Ride Along  /  7. Portable Sound Machine  /  8. Back Pack Diaper Bag                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Here’s a few highlights from my board above. 

First, I need a place to put Nolan down whereever I go in the house so I have baby mats and little spots to put him almost everywhere but this Baby Bjorn chair is my ultimate favorite for several reasons.

The chair is super light, folds flat so it’s easy to store or put it in the car to take to a family member’s house or what have you, and the cover slips right off to go in the wash if it gets dirty.  It’s a bit pricier than your average baby chair, and for that reason I was a little embarressed to put this on my registry 3 years ago when I was pregnant with my first, but my friends swore by it and now I know why.  This belongs on a baby registry- especially for someone who travels because it’s so easy to transort and set up when you need it.  I got the mesh sling seat which is great for outdoors when it’s warm out because it breathes and doesn’t get too hot.  It’s on it’s 3rd use with baby Nolan and it’s held up perfectly.

These next 3 items come from my perspective of having other little babies in the house because when you have kids so close in age and bring home a newborn baby- life really has a whole different set of circumstances to work with to keep the baby safe ….First and foremost, Nolan needs to be protected at all times from little pokes and pulls.  If I’m not looking, Elena will carry Nolan away in a headlock.  She loves her brother so much but he needs to be out of reach so- when you can’t lay your baby on the play gym mats to be entertained by the hanging toys you need other ways to entertain them.  I often have to put Nolan up high in the baby stroller to protect him from the other kids but the problem is there is no place to put toys for him to look at.  I found this activity bar on Amazon and it’s perfect! It latches onto the stroller as well as his little bed in the the Graco pack-n-play.  It easily pops on and off and you can attach other tiny toys to change things up and catch his interest.  Home run and great gift.

Soon enough Nolan will outgrow the ‘sleep anywhere’ and ‘through anything’ phase.  I can’t blame him for waking up to the screaches of the other kids playing but a good sound machine helps him get into a deep sleep amidst the doors opening and closing and TV going.  We have 2 portable sound machines, we use this one attached to the stroller and another we take wherever we lay him to sleep in the house.    

Last but not least, we got a second diaper bag and packed it up with just the things Nolan needs.  Dave and I are doing a whole lot more divide and conquering lately and Elena and Cam still need to go with a diaper bag.  Also, Nolan goes everywhere with me since he’s nursing so I always need a bag for him.  And I get plain black bags- easy to clean, androgenous diaper bags that my husband will carry in public.

Things are changing by the day and we’re still discovering better tricks to make the schedule go seamlessly over here.  What am I missing out on?  I would love to know about other moms’ favorite newborn baby gadgets……