One of the best parts of pregnancy for me was preparing for this tiny baby to come and I loved every step of it.  Nesting is a real phenomenon and the registry was the first step of that process for me.  I spent a lot of time looking over different registry guides and researching the various baby gadgets that were out there as well as talking to friends about their favorite items before I made my choices.  Only now do I realize that no matter how much thought you put into your registry you only learn what you really need and use until you’ve lived it.  It does help to try and prepare though.  Many typical registry items are staples in every household with a baby, some are specific to your lifestyle, and some sound like a great idea but end up collecting dust- like the diaper genie and wipe warmer in my opinion.  This is a comprehensive list I compiled based on items I use every single day with my four kids, that will serve as a guide when creating your registry.  Here you’ll find links to the products I love, and a short note of some things to consider when you’re choosing each product. 

The Basics

Many of the big ticket items like the stroller and crib will be used for a long time so you want durable, good quality, items that are going to grow with your family, especially if you’re going to have more children.


UPPAbaby Vista Stroller

When choosing a stroller you may want to pick one that can accomodate two children down the line.  I chose the UPPAbaby Vista for many reasons but one benefit was being able to easily convert it into a double stroller when my daughter came along (and even a triple if you count the scooter board).

Things to note about this stroller:

  • It comes with a bassinet in addition to the infant seat which is a great bonus.
  • You can use the bassinet in your bedroom as the baby’s main place to sleep if you purchase this stand. It will also serve as a laundry basket when you no longer need the bassinet. (This company thought of everything).
  • The UPPAbaby Mesa car seat will snap right into the existing brackets on this stroller insead of the seat. Great for a sleeping baby- just leave them in the car seat and stroll. 
  • You purchase what is called a Rumble seat when you want to convert it to a double stroller. (If you know you’re having more than one child within four years of each other- register for this and the Upper Adapters!)
  • It’s a bit on the heavier side weighing in at 32.6 lbs. That’s a lot if you travel a lot or if you lift it in and out of the car regularly.  I do neither so this is a perfect stroller for my family.  Lots of people keep a light weight stroller on hand for travel.

This stroller is capable of various combinations when you’re up to two kids.

Check out this post for a more complex guide on choosing a stroller.  You might be on the fence about a jogger or a stroller.  If you jog or walk everyday a jogger might be better for you. I own a Bob double jogger and while it is so much more comfortable to excercise with I can’t get used to the lack of storage space and not being able to fit through all the doorways since it’s side by side.  The UPPAbaby is my preference.

Stroller Accessories

Here are some of my accesories I have and love for this stroller. Pop these on your registry!

UPPAbaby CozyGanoosh

Parent Organizer

I would go with something like this because I’ve tried a few and some aren’t even strong enough to hold a water bottle.  I would steer clear of the plastic single cup holders because even a medium iced coffee or a metal thermos will weigh it down to the point that it tips. 

Snack Tray

Scooter Board

Not great for long walks but awesome when your child is too tired to finish a walk and perfect if cruising around in a mall with your kids.

Smart Phone Holder

Infant Car Seat

I use the UPPAbay Mesa and love it. 

Base for the Car Seat

Consider your potential child care situation down the line and think about wether you need more than one base. Will mom drop off while dad picks up? Some people need a base in each car.

Warm Sack for Car Seat

Car Seat Canopy

These are so great because the muslin blankets fall off so easily. When you’re in and out of busy places pop this on to keep the germs at bay. 


I use one that was passed down to me in my family.  A lot of people prefer cosleeping with their infant and go with a Doc A Tot these days.  I don’t think you can go wrong with whatever bassinet you choose but if you splurge on the UPPAbaby stroller, a bassinet is included.

Doc A Tot



Many cribs convert into a toddler bed (with and without a rail), and then into a full size head board, also called a 4-in-1 convertible bed.  This way you won’t be running out for a new bed when your child grows too old for the crib.  Most convertible cribs do not come with the toddler rail so you have to purchase it separately.  If this is your plan my advice is to purchase the toddler rail when you purchase the crib- don’t wait.   When we went to purchase a rail for Cameron’s crib we found his crib had been discontinued and we were no longer able to purchase a rail. We had to buy a brand new bed for him. 

Anything goes with cribs but a few things that I have learned in my experience is that kids have a hard time getting out of cribs with solid head and foot boards, versus the slats, but on the other hand bumpers or screens do not work well with this style crib because there are no corner posts to tie on to. Here is a crib with a solid head and foot board for reference.

And finally, if I were in the market for a crib right now I’d get this one. I’m loving this crib from Buy Buy Baby! It’s inexpensive and so beautiful. 

Crib Mattress

Grab one that has a firm side for infants and can be flipped for a softer side for toddlers.

Changing Table

Changing Table Foam Layer

I bought the least expensive one there is. Nothing fancy needed here.

Rocking Chair

Not a necessity but I purchased my rocker and ottoman from Buy Buy Baby and it was one of the few items that I wanted to see in the store before I ordered.

Night Light

A new baby does not need a night light till maybe they start playing in their crib but everyone looks for a night line. This one is great because it has a dimmer built into it and it can be operated by battery.  We got this for my kids when they were two and three and still use them each night. I’m a big fan of this inexpensive random Amazon find. 

The Hatch is a fancy night light that doubles as a sound machine that can be operated from your phone. I currently use this as a noise machine in my room while the baby is sleeping.  I can open the app on my phone and turn the light on, off, change the color or it, as well as change the sound of the white noise, and adjust the volume. It also lets you set a schedule.

Noise Machine

I use a good old fashioned noise machine like this with all the kids. I prefer it over the Hatch for a noise machine. 

 Baby Gear

This is where things can get a little bit crazy. Keep in mind that you don’t need a quarter of these things. A seat of some kind and a safe place to lay them down to play is all you really need.

Baby Monitor

I use a Motorola panning monitor and have three cameras hooked up to it and I’m about to get one more. I can talk to my kids over the monitor to tell them I’m coming to get them, I can play music over it to get them to sleep, and it will pan if they are out of the range of the camera. It works well and has been reliable for us. 

Play Gym

Pick whatever one appeals to you. They’re all great.

4 Moms MamaRoo

I have one purchased in 2015 so they have gotten a little fancier. This was nice to have but none of my children loved this chair. 

If you are prioritizing your registry items I would go for a more inexpensive chair like this one that Graco makes.  

Cushion Mat

Bouncy Swing


Rolling Walker

Seated Play Station


Baby Carrier

Pack N Play


Thule Carrier

High Chair

Portable Eating Seat

Bath & Toiletries


Tub Toys

Storage Bucket for Tub Toys

Faucet Cover


Face Cloths

Baby Care

Baby Wash



A&D cream

A&D ointment

Alcohol wipes



Nose Freda

Toiletry Box




Medela Pump

Avent Bottles


Dishwasher Dryer Case

Sponge on a Stick

Breast Feeding Pillow



Crib Sheets

Crib Mattress Pad (2)

Pack N Play Sheets

Bassinet Sheet

Bassinet Mattress Pad


Receiving Blankets

Burp Cloths




White onesies

Zippered onesies

Warm sleep suit