Bean Activity for Toddlers

I’m always looking for some fun activities to keep my toddler occupied and challenged in these winter months where going outside isn’t an option. I have my regular rotation of puzzles and arts and crafts but it’s always nice when another mom shares an idea from her household.  Recently a friend of mine told me how she laid out dried beans of varying sizes and let her toddler have at it.  I picked a few bags up the next time I was at the grocery store and set both Cameron and Elena up in their highchairs with spoons, little containers, and little toy trucks (I decided to throw some pasta in there too).  Elena got to practice scooping with her spoon and Cameron loved to sort the beans by color and shape and move them from his truck to the containers.  They had a blast and it kept them occupied throughout the morning.  When we were done I just swept them into a tupperware container for next time. Easy, breezy, and cheap activity that you might already have in your cabinet.  Otherwise, it’s only January and the cold weather isn’t going anywhere so you might want to go get yourself some beans! 

I have a Pinterest Board full of activities for toddlers if you’re interested in more ideas.