Van Saun Zoo Northern NJ with Toddlers

We had the perfect little weekend and got the most out of the warm weather on Saturday.  We took a trip to a little zoo on Saturday morning and we all had a blast.  We got there promptly at 10:00 when it opens, found out it was free admission which is always nice, and took a stroll around to see the animals first.  This is the perfect spot to take infants and toddlers because it’s not too big and overwhelming and there’s plenty to do.  They had a great variety of animals; everything from donkeys, vultures, and different species of monkeys.  They also have a little train that circles the park and is another way you can view some of the animals.  Unfortunately there was a 20 minute wait for the train so I stayed in line with the baby while Dave took Cam over to the carousel.  We timed it perfectly and I think that ended up being their favorite part of the morning.

There is a playground and picnic tables right outside the zoo entrance so you can plan to bring lunch then head to the playground.  There’s plenty to do to make a day out of it.  We got in by 10 and out by 12 to get home for lunch and naps.

For my nursing and pregnant moms, this is definitely a trip you can take.  There are benches to sit and nurse, the picnic tables I mentioned outside are also a good spot.  Since it’s not that big of a place there’s really not too much walking involved so if you’re in your 3rd trimester and up for an adventure you can make your way around here.  There’s also big bathrooms that are never too far away.  All the things you want to know as a mom or mom-to-be!

A little play time in the sand to top off the day before the cold weather rolls back in for Sunday.   

If you have little ones you should definitely add this to your list of things to do. Here‘s a link to get more info on the zoo.