My little crew is very excited for this holiday because it’s given us something special to look forward to in such uncertain times.  Our oldest children are at the perfect age (3&4) to get all wrapped up in the idea that the Easter bunny is going to pay them a visit, eat the snacks they left out for him, and leave them a basket full of goodies.  The circumstances of the world right now may prevent us from celebrating with our family but the quaratine that we’re living in and this horrific pandemic won’t take away all the magic the Easter Bunny brings to out children.  So that is our focus this year.  I’m making a big huge deal of preparing for the Easter bunny and planning a fun filled morning with my babies complete with an awesome egg hunt and some fun surprises in their baskets.  Here’s what we have going on:

Egg Hunt

I picked up these sweet little Peter Rabbit yard signs that I use to mark the eggs around the yard and the kids went wild.  I found them at Home Sense last year and I searched everywhere but it looks like they are completely sold out online.  I did find these that I think are super cute as well.  We set up the signs all over the yard the night before Easter last year and placed a couple eggs at each stake and they had so much fun.  We also put a Go Pro on Cameron while he ran from egg to egg and have a pretty great video of his egg mission last year.  I’m so excited to do this again for them this year. A word to the wise- we had a few squirrels chew through some eggs to get to the chocolate just while we went in to get the kids so definitely don’t leave them out the night before!

Easter Basket Ideas

These items are aimed at my almost 2, 3, and 4 year olds, with things for boys and girls.  I like to think “spring” when I fill their baskets and throw in one super cool think I know they will love.

  1. Butterfly Farm Habitat   2.  Kids Walkie Talkies   3.  Gardening Tools    4.  We Are the Gardeners  5.  Rain Boots         6.  Little Blue Truck Springtime  7.  Purse  8. Truck  9.  Butterfly Wings   10.  Planters  11. Wild Flower Seeds                12.  Paints  13.  Transformers  14.  My Fairy Garden

Since we’re spending the day at home I wanted to have an activity in their basket to keep them busy throughout the day so this year I gave them wild flower seeds and gardening tools.  My plan is to give them each a pot to decorate with paint, let them fill it with soil, and plant the seedlings.  This will be their little project for the spring that they will enjoy taking care of and watching for their flowers to grow.  You can even order your soil here to be delivered to your door so you don’t have to go into any stores.

All the items I have linked above have been double checked to be sure it will arrive on your doorstep before Easter.  I hope you picked up a couple ideas!