Spring is in the air and we’re feeling it in our house.  There are little signs of the Easter bunny around our home and I have a few fun things lined up for the kiddos to celebrate the holiday this month.  My son is 3 and a half and goes to a Christian pre-school where they have already begun to discuss the significance of Easter and I have mentioned the Easter bunny a few times in our home.  I’m met with dazed and confused looks about another night time visitor dropping off treats in their living room but when I talked about decorating eggs and Easter egg hunts- totally excited!

Here’s a few things we have lined up to celebrate Easter this month with our kiddos:

Easter Egg Hunt

You can’t skip an Easter egg hunt when you have toddlers!  A two and a three year old are at the perfect age to participate in an egg hunt but I learned last year that they may benefit from just a little help.  I hid chocolate eggs all around our house last Easter and we had to point out most of the eggs for Cam because all he wanted to do was eat the candy before he looked for another hidden egg.  It made for a pretty long morning, so this year I found the sweetest egg hunt set at Home Sense and I cannot wait to set them up in the back yard (I also found the same set here if you can’t make it to the store.  I’m waiting for the perfect spring morning as it gets a little closer to Easter to set them up and surprise the kids.  I’m sure we’ll do it again Easter morning if the weather cooperates.

What are you guys hiding in your eggs?  My kids go wild for money so I plan on stashing some dollar bills in some of the eggs.  I also bought some match box cars and little paw patrol figures to go inside too.  I’m not a big fan of candy because the truth is we have candy at least once a day in our house- that’s just how it goes here.  When they are given a big basket of candy all at once, like on Halloween, it’s just a big meltdown waiting to happen when I explain we can’t eat it all in one sitting.  Call me lame but I pick my battles and this is one I’m just avoiding!  So toys it is- I am sure they will get their hands on some chocolate that day. 

Easy Easter Bunny Play Date 

We like to have a small playdate or toddler party whenever there’s something to celebrate and although I keep things simple with decorating for most holidays I love a festive activity for the kids to do.  I found these cute little egg decorating kits that only involve a little glue and I thought they’d be perfect for our party.  I like to find things that are simple with minimal mess, and this one is so easy and something the kids can take home with them! 

We’ll serve some bunny trail mix (Annie’s bunny cookies mixed with M&Ms or you can do chocolate morsels) and hand out bunny ears (I had these left over from Elena’s bunny brunch birthday that I purchased from etsy), do the bunny hop dance and there you have a fun little Easter party for a bunch of tots.  How about these little bunny gift bags I found on Finding Lovely’s instagram feed. So so cute! Which by the way, she has the most beautiful home and gardening blog, not to mention a gorgeous insta feed- check her out!

Photo Credit: finding_lovely instagram feed

Carrot Cake Gifts

We love to bake over here and my tots LOVE to make hand deliveries of their latest delicious creation.  I picked up little mini bread loaf pans and we’ll be whipping up some mini carrot cakes topped with cream cheese frosting and little chocolate bunnies.  I’ve mentioned it in previous posts but it’s the most exciting thing for my kids to drop a baked good with a sweet little note (scribble) at one of our neighbor’s doors and run.  Who knew?

Easter Bunny Pictures

I have always loathed these holiday photos for one reason- germs.  My kids are little and it’s a challenge to keep the germs away. The thought of forcing them to sit on a bunny rabbit’s lap after who knows how many have also sat in the same spot that morning is just not appealing.  However, this year my son is old enough to chit chat at preschool and trade little stories of their weekends and I would feel so bad if he heard about this tradition and didn’t get to do it himself.  So, we are going to put on our cute little spring outfits and just see what happens when its their turn to sit on the bunny’s lap.  I’ll just lather them up with hand purifier and hope for the best if it truly makes them happy.   Plus, it’s fun to have them all dressed up and Elena has the sweetest little Easter dress this year.

Treats for the Easter Bunny

My husband and I are enjoying creating new family traditions with our growing family and this is one of them.  We will leave some good old carrots and a big cup of milk for the Easter Bunny this year but I also plan to leave a big white fluff ball in the crack of the front door and tells the kids the bunny must have got stuck on his way out.  When I was little I can remember the day when another child told me that she caught the bunny’s tail in her doorway and I was so envious!!  My kids are either going to be totally elated or very concerned the Easter bunny got hurt on the way out of our house.  I’m hoping it makes the morning exciting for them- we’ll wait and see.

Here’s hoping for a healthy holdiday…..it seems every holiday or birthday someone is down for the count but we have had a very good run lately!