Nolan’s birthday was on May 9 and he is currently communicating a little bit, eating all the food his siblings eat (since he has a pretty good supply of healthy white teeth), and learned to walk within these last two weeks.  His little birthday party was just over a month ago and as I look back at pictures from that day I can’t believe how much his face has matured in just this short time.  I have a baby who is on the verge of becoming a toddler and growing up right before my eyes.  It’s a realization that’s sad and exciting all together. 

At one Nolan is talking, walking, and sleeping through the night (thank God).  Our nap schedule is still is a little wonky but at this point he has one good long nap a day.  He says a bunch of words to communicate.  A current favorite is “No, no, no” while he shakes his finger.  And “Mama” which is sweet to hear.  What is truly amazing is when we realize just how much he understands when we speak to him. He may not be able to say he wants to go upstairs but when we say “Lets go take a tubby,” he drops everything and walks over to the stairs chanting “Go, go, go” on his way to his bath.  He caught on to walking about two weeks ago and now he barely sits still. He passes his time toddling around the house in a circle, usually holding a small toy in one hand, and stopping in at a cabinet here and there to see what he can find inside.  It’s been a struggle to keep him out of the bathroom too!!  He’s fascinated by it and always trying to make a run for it if he notices the door was accidentally left ajar.

We celebrated the big day with a low key barnyard brunch with a small group of family this year.  Unfortunately it monsooned outside and we were all stuck indoors with a giant pile of wet shoes and umbrellas next to our front door but we made the best of it.  There are a few things I love to do for first birthdays- a sash for the highchair and a hanging banner of photos from each month since birth.   They will never grow or change as much as they do in the first year of life so I love to share those pictures and have them on display.   I got my highchair sash from this shop and my picture banner from here (both from Etsy).

I decorated a small section of the main floor with some low floating barnyard balloons that I found on Amazon.  They are so awesome for a one year old (all my kids loved them) but Nolan is obsessed with animals and he lit up when he saw them the day of the party.  I picked up a helium tank and blew them up the morning of the party.  These would also make great party favors if you host a group of little ones.  We kept them around for the week because all the kids loved playing with them. 

I skipped any sort of entertainment this year and even got my cakes from Whole Foods but we did get some pretty awesome party favors.  This is the second time I’ve used TSCookies and she didn’t disappoint.  Each cookie shows up at my doorstep perfectly bubble wrapped and packaged with a bow.  The best part is that they taste just as good as they look.   Check out her amazing creations on her Etsy shop and give her a try!

And that was that. The party wrapped up in the early afternoon, my family packed the cars and made their way back to Boston and I realized I now have a one, two, and a three year old.  It’s not easy to do but it is so much fun! 

One final thought.  As I was approaching Nolan’s birth last year I remember wondering how we would react to his milestones.  Afterall, he’s not our first boy, he’s not our first girl, he’s the third, and we’ve seen all this before (just 16 months ago actually).   When he arrived we bonded very quickly and Nolan snuggled into a special place in my heart and made his own special place in the family.  What makes his milestones like talking, laughing, throwing a ball, and especially taking his first steps, so different is Cam and Elena’s excitement when they notice he’s doing something new.  Our celebrations are a family affair.  I still think babies are amazing, even though he’s our third, and found it’s no less special to watch him grow and learn to communicate.  He is so loved.