Toys For A 1 Year Old Girl
1. Smart Stage Puppy  2. Boon Building Bath Toys  3. Shopping Cart  4. Coffee Maker Set  5. Magnetic Color Sketcher  6. Ride On Bike  7. Baby Doll

I put more posts up that have to do with entertaining my toddler and not my infant and that’s because she’s happiest when she’s tearing apart one of my cabinets or going through all of our shoes.  However, when she’s playing with her toys she has a few that she LOVES right now.  If you have a 1 year old, or you’re in the market for a birthday gift, these are a few of our favorites that have made the cut with my baby girl.

Some Highlights

My top suggestion is the Smart Stage Teddy because she can get lost in the little songs and there’s different settings to switch up what it plays when you touch the buttons.  She has the best time dancing to the songs and following the bear’s prompts.  Since it holds her attention longer than any toy we own right now it’s gained the number one spot.  A bonus is my son loves it too so I think it’s a toy that will grow with her the more she understands what the bear is saying. 

The Baby Boon bath toys make bath time a breeze! She hops in with a water pitcher and pours water down the tubes over, and over, and over, till it’s time to get out.   (My toddler loves these too.)  I think these are a great gift because bath toys can get grimy and need to be replaced often so you can’t go wrong with these. 

The shopping cart goes hand in hand with her full time hobby which is pulling things out of a kitchen cabinet.  I’ve never encountered a baby old enough to walk that isn’t obsessed with a shopping cart and pretend food, and Elena is no exception.  She trots over to the kitchen and fills up her cart and takes it all to another area of the house.  I hope you have at least one baby safe cabinet in your kitchen that your 1 year old can get into.  At this age they love to empty boxes or cabinets filled with things and just go through it.  They’re also beginning to pretend to play in little kitchens and put food in pots. In our case, we play with this coffee pot every morning. 

One obsession that seems to be sticking with Elena is baby dolls.  It’s so interesting because we have treated Elena and Cameron the same in terms of dolls and make believe play activities but they are turning out to be very different from each other.  Cameron does not like dolls or stuffed animals and will throw them out of his crib if I try to leave one with him.  Elena, on the other hand, says “baby” all day long, hugs her dolls, and takes 3 to bed with her.  In order to begin to teach both children about the new baby coming we just got Cam and Elena their own Adora baby boy doll.  My goal is to teach them to be gentle with the baby and quiet when the baby sleeps.  So far, Elena loves this baby and enjoys feeding and wrapping the baby up.  Cam likes to feed his baby with the bottle it came with but he’s not offering any snuggles and definitely doesn’t want it in his bed!

The best ideas to keep your baby busy come from other moms and I really enjoy sharing mine as well.  Wether you’re interested in a new toy for your own infant or looking for good gift ideas for a 1st birthday you can also check out my Pinterest board to see some more of our favorites. 

All these particular toys can be purchased from Amazon and are available with prime shipping.