Toys For A 3 Year Old Boy
1. Duplo Legos / 2. Pirate Ship Figures / 3. Scooter / 4. Kitchen / 5. Shopping Cart / 6. Puzzles / 7. Train Table / 8. I Spy Books / 9. Animal Figures / 10. Plane

Cameron turned 3 years old! We are celebrating Cameron all weekend with Superman themed parties.  It is so fun to see this little boy’s face as we tell him the party is for HIM and that we’re going to sing to HIM with a cake and candles.  It’s like his dream come true!  The magic of birthdays is so special and I love making him feel like a little Superhero today- even though he’s sick!

Here’s a look at everything Cameron loves right now.  If you’re looking for a gift for a 3 year old for birthdays or Christmas- or if you’re like me and search other mom’s recommendations when you want to spice up you’re childrens’ toy selection, these are great recomendations and the links are all from Amazon, most with prime shipping.

Some highlights……..

Duplo Legos….we’re right on the cusp of getting ready for the little legos but for now he loves to work with the Duplos.  They’ve been a favorite activity since he was about 2 and it’s something he and his sister play together each night before they go to bed.  The little ones are choking hazards for the baby and since I’m about to have a crawler in the coming months we may introduce the smaller legos as activity that he can only do in his room. 

Action Figures.  Cam’s totally into make believe and pretend play.  This year his imagination has run wild with senarios he makes up with his action figures.  We’ve progressed from larger figures to the smaller ones now that he’s 3.  These pirate figures (#2) and the little animal figures (#9) are great for this age.  Also like these with the little gates that they can put around the animals (they love that) and any of the Learning Resources figures like these jumbo ones and the small figures like these

Scooter. This scooter  (#3) will grow with your child. We got it when he was 1 1/2 and the seat comes off when the child is ready.  There are so many variations of this scooter out there right now.  The particular one we got was from Toys R Us and I can’t find the exact one anymore.  We plan to give one to Elena when she turns 2 because they both want to ride it when we’re out.

Playing House. The kitchen (#4) and shopping cart (#5) never get old.  Any 3 year old is going to love some pretend food, a little kitchen, or even a cash register.  Both children play with these things every single day and have been since the ages of 1 1/2- even more so now that they have each other to play with.  Now that I see these will be a fixture in my living room for years to come I’m looking at some complete sets like this and this

Puzzles.  Suddenly Cam got very into puzzles and is now able to put them together himself.  This is a new interest he picked up in the last few weeks and we’ve found that the wooden jigsaw puzzles with less than 30 pieces are best.  Melissa and Doug are favorites.  We have a few very large floor puzzles with oversized pieces that are fun too.  The trick with the puzzles is cleaning them up right away so the pieces don’t get lost.  

I Spy Books.  We’ve been using these books for a couple months now and it started with a Where’s Waldo book.  He LOVES these.  I picked up the I Spy books and found some that incorporate learning numbers and letters.

Plane.  The plane (#10) is one of those toys that’s been hanging around in our play area for quite some time but just recently did he develop the hand coordination to actually use the drill to take it apart and then put it together again.  It’s another toy that you really have to make sure you keep track of all the pieces but he has so much fun with it.  The same brand has a truck  truck that you can disassemble and reassemble.  Some more toys along the same lines as this can be found here and here