Fall is upon us and the leaves just started to fall in our backyard.  I can’t tell you how happy I am not to sweat everytime I walk out the door and push the stroller.  I’m ready for sweaters, cider, and some pumpkins.  It is my favorite time of year- not too hot, not too cold, and the anticipation of the holidays coming is so much more fun now that my babies are getting into it!  We have a short little list of things we’d love to do this fall.  It’s a list tailored for a family with 3 under 3- activities that they can both take part in and ones where I can keep up with Nolan’s nursing schedule.  Maybe you’ll pick up something fun to do with your family…..  

Apple Picking at Pennings- This is a family favorite because there’s more than just apple picking here.  We’re going soon- a review to come!

Pumpkin Picking at Abma’s Farm– This is a little hidden gem in northern New Jersey.  For me, it’s small enough to go it alone with 3 little ones, and they react like I’ve taken them to Disney World.  It’s the cutest little place with a market and petting zoo. Look out for a full review in the coming weeks. 

Pumpkin Painting and Stickers with the Family– We’re a little young for carving but paints and stickers we can do.

Pumpkin Baths- Not joking here. I picked this tip up from Pinterest and it’s true- they LOVE it.  It’s a sensory activity that you can do right in your kitchen sink or fill up a big tupperware bowl and let them sit on the floor and wash their pumpkins in soap and water.  I think this activity is perfect for a 1 1/2 – 3 year old.  Elena could give pumpkins a bath all day everyday.

Nature Wands– Take your kiddos outside and have them collect some greenery, pine cones, colored leaves, and whatever they see.  Bring them in and wrap it up with masking tape and cover with a pretty fall ribbon. When they’re not playing with it I put them in a glass hurricaine vase on my table and it looks like an intentional centerpiece for fall. 

Fall Themed Felt Board-  We’re talking about Thanksgiving and I’m teaching them about turkey day and all it entails.  They LOVE to put up a turkey and a cornicopia on the felt board.  They can practice naming their fruits and vegetables when I am participating with them and they just sit and rearrange all the pieces till they’re ready to move on to something else. This is the one we have and I also got this one for Christmas too.