This blog was just a thought in my mind when my first son turned one but looking back there are not too many differences between my two boys at the age of one.  One year olds love music, pushing buttons, pushing shopping carts or toy cars, and stacking blocks.  They love to practice with object permanence and put little toys inside something and then go back and pull them out again.  Aside from our cell phones and the remotes to the TV here are Nolan’s most favorite toys at the age of one.

No. 1 Smart Stages Puppy / No. 2 Duplo Blocks / No. 3 Leap Frog Remote / No. 4 VTech Easel / No. 5 Hide and Go Moo Barn / No. 6 Musical Ride On / No. 7 Melissa & Doug Ice Cream Stand / No. 8 Magnetic Drawing Board / No. 9 Squeeze Blocks / No. 10 Toy Trucks

Some highlights:

Smart Stage Puppy. This Smart Stage Puppy was one of the first things Nolan repeatedly played with as soon as he could sit up.  Since he has learned to walk he’ll carry it and dance with it. This is a toy my 2 year old also still enjoys playing with so I really like this as an early toy because it will grow with them.  It does have settings for a 1, 2, and 3 year old.

LEGO Duplo Blocks and Squeeze Blocks.  At a certain point around one year old babies are fascinated with stacking blocks. I love the soft squeeze blocks because they don’t hurt when they come crashing down. The Duplo Blocks were something we took out a little late with my first son and so I was surprised to see how long Nolan sits in deep concentration trying to connect the Duplo blocks together. Une is not too young for Duplos.  He LOVES them.

Melissa & Doug Ice Cream Counter.  This also goes hand in hand with stacking and blocks.  He sits and stacks the icecream over and over.  (Then the big kids come over and steal it from him).

VTech Easel. You would think this would be too old for him as a one year old but he plays with it more than my 2 and 4 year old right now.  It was very easy for him to learn which button is the power button and really loves the little song that comes from it when it’s on.  He holds the rubber pen and draws on the board.  This toy has lots of bells and whistles and even switches over to a chalk board.  They all use it and again- one of the reasons I love it because I can see it will grow with him.  I think this is a great gift for a one year old that already has a million toys and you can’t think of what to get them. When they don’t need another stuffed animal and they have all the toys you see in the aisle at Target- this is a goody that they will play with for years to come.  

Toy Trucks.  Little boys and their cars.  If there is anything Nolan can’t live without it’s his wheels. Morning, noon, and night he is parked in front of his bucket of cars or walking around with fists full of match box cars.  Obsessed is an understatement.  I linked the ones I’m eyeing for him for Christmas morning.  These ones are great because you can pull them back a few inches and then they fly across the room. I especially like them because they are soft.  

I love to share these posts for other moms who might be looking to add to their children’s toys or for those in the market for a gift for a one year old boy.  These toys have all been tried and tested in our home by my little crew and my reccomendations come from personal experience.