I am officially 34 weeks today and I am TIRED! I am trying so hard to enjoy the end of my pregnancy but right now the only thing I’m enjoying is feeling the baby kick.  A few weeks ago my blood work came back that I have pretty low iron- which happened with the first 2 so I kind of expected it with this one.  This time around I knew what the midwife was going to tell me before she even gave me the results because of the fatigue and another telltale sign…….Did you know that an indication that you may have iron deficiency anemia is a craving for ice chips or ice cubes?   It’s actually a type of a condition known as PICA, where a person craves something that doesn’t offer any nutritional value.  The type of PICA where you crave ice chips is called pagophagia.  As a pregnant woman the demands your baby puts on your body to keep hydrated and maintain adequate nutrition is not easy to keep up with- even with a prenatal vitamin.  If you find yourself chomping on ice you may want to bring it up to your OB.  I am taking an iron supplement twice a day now and it took a couple weeks for me to actually feel a boost in my energy and I need all the energy I can get right now.           

If interested, here’s a little more info on PICA. 

On a different note, I’m guessing I have 7 more weeks of this pregnancy. The countdown is on!  I don’t know about anyone else but despite being sore on the day I deliver I feel so much better right away!  Can’t wait!