How We're Adjusting to Life With 6 Week Old www.studiomotherhood,com

These last six weeks have been filled with little baby snuggles, sleepless nights, and pure joy getting to know our newborn.  Our toddler and infant have adjusted really well to life with a baby in the house; they love to hold him and its especially cute to see how they like to keep tabs on his whereabouts when they come down from their naps or in from outside.  I was a little worried about how I was going to juggle all this but we’re doing it and today I had an epiphany that we’re back to our old routine, just with a little baby.  It took a few weeks for me to recover and get to know Nolan’s queues before I didn’t need help everyday to let my older kids get outside and get some exercise.  My greatest achievement these last 6 weeks was putting all 3 in the mini last week and taking them to the toddler park- and let me tell you, strapping  three kids into their car seats is as crazy as it sounds, but we had fun.  We go to the beach next door once a day and I started taking short walks with all three each morning so we are getting out and keeping everyone happy.  It might not sound like much but believe me it’s A LOT! The point is it’s become our new normal and it feels good to finally get into a groove and see Nolan become a part of our family.

I wouldn’t be getting out of the house right now if I didn’t have these 2 things: 1.) My Baby Bjorn carrier– it’s the answer to my sanity because Nolan drifts off to sleep the second I put him in.   I tried a few different slings and I keep going back to my trusty Baby Bjorn. 2.) My UppaBabby PiggyBack RideALong Board was the only way we’re all getting 3 under 3 in the stroller.  I’ll be posting a review on the Vista soon.   

On a side note, I’m getting my groceries delivered to my door now which has been so great (but I still like to do it myself so I won’t do this forever).  No matter how good things go with getting out of the house I’m definitely not ready to do the grocery store with this crew yet.