I’m an Irish girl from Boston and grew up going into Southie and watching the parade so St. Patrick’s Day has always been a holiday centered around just having fun for as long as I can remember.  I have memories of standing in the cold making as much noise as I could with the green plastic trumpet my grandpa bought my cousins and I as we watched the parade.  Now that it’s my turn to show my little ones the fun of St. Patrick’s Day I naturally took to Pinterest to find some festivities that are all about rainbows, luck, and sneaky leprechauns.  Here, I’ve rounded up some great, very simple, ideas for all the little kids to keep busy these next two weeks- an activity, some easy arts and crafts projects, a game I know your preschoolers will have so much fun with, some festive treats, and a little surprise you might want to keep in your back pocket for them.    

All the supplies are linked so you can order them up and have them at your door in a couple days.  I hope you enjoy a little silly fun with lots of sneaky leprechaun talk with these Pinterest finds.

A Sensory Bin for My 1 Year Old to Keep Busy 

Photo Credit: Rolling Prairie Readers

I needed to include something for my little guy because while he can’t particpate in the games or any glueing just yet, I can take this out for him while the big kids are crafting away.  

Normally, I find these sensory bins to be a bit messy because the contents inevitably leaves that box and gets all over the floor, but last week I took out a big huge bin of the little legos for my big kids (which normally they are not allowed to have out unless Nolan is napping) and Nolan just enjoyed moving his hands all around the big box of legos for the longest time. It bugged the big kids but he loved all the little pieces to touch in one big box. This made me think of making a sensory bin for him.  After a little search on Pinterest I decided to put this one together that I found over at Rolling Prairie Readers. If you want to know how to dye your pasta green check these steps out.

Here’s what you need:

  • A large bin
  • Various sized pasta green (Your local grocery store is your best bet here)
  • Green food coloring
  • Gold coins to hide
  • Measuring cups and some little spoons  (Your kitchen)
  • Freezer bags if you plan to dye the pasta green

Nolan is 22 months and just beginning to understand that we cannot eat the items in the sensory bin- any younger than 20 months with something like this you might find they are trying to eat it.

Leprechaun Looker Craft 

Photo Credit: Love Your Littles

We made these last year and they loved them. 

Here’s what you need:

  • Paper towel rolls- you can also order these 
  • Glue gun to glue the tubes together
  • Some yarn
  • Elmer’s glue
  • Whatever crafts you have to decorate the tubes.  We used these pom poms last year and they came out great. 

Go outside and go looking for leprechauns when they’re done!  You can also tie this into a gold coint hunt outside.  Have them make this craft and use the lookers outside to search for coins hidden in the backyard.  It’s great plan for a St. Patty’s Day party with preschoolers.

Pot of Gold Rainbow Contruction Crafts

Here are a couple easy last minute crafts for preschool aged children that you probaby have all the supplies for.

Photo Credit: We Got the Funk

Here’s what you need for these types of crafts:

Gold Coin Hunt and Match Game

I’m really excited about this one.  You can actually do this game two ways:

  1. Hide the coins all over a room and have the kids find and match them up with the right letter.

2. You could put them in a sand table or sensory box and have the kids dig and find them. 

Both would be super fun for preschoolers.  This is similar to the find and match game I made for Valentine’s Day and my kids loved that one!

Here’s what you need: 

Visit Spaceships and Laser Beams to find a really great list of St. Patrick’s Day activities including a festive play list and printables for young children. I found this game on Pinterest and loved reading her other ideas.

Leprechaun Footsteps

For a little extra excitement this year I’m planning to put green footsteps across the floor, leading to a special little gift of chocolate gold coins for the kids. He might also wander over to our refrigerator and cause some trouble…..

A Festive Treat

Our naughty Leprechaun’s got into our refrigerator and turned our milk green! My kids are going to go beserk.  A bowl of lucky charms with a cup of green milk is perfect for a little party or even just for that morning.  So simple but they will love it!

There are so many great snacks for St. Patrick’s Day and I will be sharing what we make on Instagram as we go.  If you want to keep it simple grab some Lucky Charms cereal and some green food coloring. You can do a lot with those two.

Whatever you’re up to this year, Happy St. Patricks Day to you!