1. Stroller Footmuff // 2.  Hats // 3. Car Seat Liner // 4. Stroller Gloves // 5.  Winter Coat // 6. Booties // 7.  Humidifier // 8. Snowsuit // 9.  Fleece sleeper // 10. Onesie // 11. Sleep Sack

So winters are tough with littles but you can set yourself up to enjoy your time outside and keep them cozy and warm too.  Here is a checklist I put together for any mother pushing a stroller in these chilly winters that we get up here.

For the Stroller

Stroller Footmuff– I just got this one that goes with my Uppa Baby stroller and I want to crawl into it and take a nap everytime I walk by the stroller.  It’s very thick and perfect for the front facing seat that might get hit with wind.  I think these are a great investment because whenever I wrap my tot in a blanket it falls off and gets run over by the wheel. 

Stroller Bar Gloves for mom- I love these 7AM Enfant gloves! I know some might wonder why you wouldn’t put your own gloves on but really- I stop and set up a snack, wipe a nose, or answer a call when I’m pushing my stroller.  Now you can can just slip your hands into a warm mitten and not have to deal with keeping track of gloves when you take them off.  By the way- I purchased hot pink because they were less than half the price of the neutral colors.

Car Seat Liner– The benefit is not having to use a blanket that falls off when in and out of the car. They make them thick so I just pop a hat on my baby and zipper them up in this. No coat or extra layers needed. I have this JJ Cole one and it’s on my forth baby so it’s held up very well.  Whichever one you choose make sure you can still use the sun visor on the car seat.  Some go on and you can’t lift the visor up or down.

For Mom

Coat for Mom and Baby. I have this one from Motherhood Maternity and show it on my insta stories.  I LOVE it!  Whichever coat you choose consider grabbing one with a panel that can be removed when you are no longer pregnant or carrying a baby inside the coat.  That way it can still be used no matter what season of motherhood you’re in.  I wore this one when I was pregnant and then flipped the panel over to use it with Nolan and Mari in their carrier.

For the Baby

BootiesThese don’t fall off when I put them on over socks or a onesie and for that I love them. Even when the baby is in a carrier inside your coat their feet can get cold so I put these on when we go out too.  My baby is 11 weeks and I got the 3 month size which are a tad snug when I put them over socks. I’ll be ordering a size up soon.

Here’s a winter tip- you can also put socks on your baby’s feet inside their onesie that has the built in feet.  This way their socks won’t fall off.  

Sleeper– Not big news on this but I would always keep one of these around. Size up because it will go over clothes. I use this when I know we’ll be outside for an extended period of time like when we go for a hike or a soccer game. 

Sleep Sack– So these things are the reason my baby, Nolan, stays asleep at night.  When they are at an age where they are rolling all over the crib but don’t know how to keep a blanket over them if they get cold- this is what you need. We use a light one in the summer and a thicker one in the winter. Some of them have a TOG rating, which stands for ‘Thermal Over Grade,’ and that basically indicates how much warmth it provides.  The higher the TOG value, the warmer the sleep sack.  The most comfortable room temp for a baby is about 68/70 degrees so a TOG 1 is good for that temperature.  In a drafty room on a cold winter night a TOG 2.5 might be better.    

We just got Nolan one with two little holes for his feet so he can stand up and he seems to appreciate that.

Hat with Strings-  I have one child that hates hats and rips them off the second I turn my head. A good little knot under his chin makes him keep that hat on till he forgets it’s there. I love these from Jojo Maman Bebe.

Snow suit– For my two and four year old I get mine from Old Navy.  We use them just a handful of times before they don’t fit them the following season.  If you want a good quality snow suit to keep your kids warm JoJo Maman Bebe has really nice winter gear. I have this one full suit from them that I’ve put two children in and it’s about to go to my third this winter. It’s waterproof with the warmest, softest fleece lining.

White Onesies–  Put these under everything! I buy a bunch because when they  get dirty (really dirty) I just throw them out.  

For the Home

Humidifier– We own three of these now and I’m using one almost all of the time. The heat pumping into our house is dry and the minute my baby has a sniffle I set one up where they sleep.   

Insulating Cellular Shades– I couldn’t find a great image of these to include on my board but believe it or not these are a winter essential for us. I have cordless Bali and Levelor cellular shades that are blackout, noise canceling, and insulating in each of my children’s rooms and they work so well.  As our family has grown, the kids have shuffled rooms and I get these installed right away in their new rooms.  They are an investment but well worth it.  We purchased ours from Home Depot.  They go on sale a few times throughout the year so definitely wait for the right time to buy.

I’ll leave you with one last tip…

Keep an eye out for footed onesies with little mittens that fold over the hands. It’s a bonus if it has a zipper instead of snaps because zippers are just easier.  You find the mittens on almost all the newborn size onesies but they start to disappear on three month clothes.  I have this one (it has snaps) in a size 3-6 that I put Mari in a lot now that it’s cold.  Pop this on your registry, ladies!